bianca1Uncouth Vermouth believes in transparency and commitment to sustainability. All ingredients are either foraged from untouched areas, or purchased from a farm that does not succumb to modification and is preferably non-profit. Farmers, not grocery stores. The middle of the woods, not Prospect Park. Your closest source isn’t always your best source, but if you’re willing to do your homework you can create a delicious, locally-sourced vermouth without a drop of sugar, no additives and/or preservatives. Seasonal ingredients produce seasonal flavors to pair with our isochronal meals. My number one rule of thumb has always been, what grows together, goes together. I will never sacrifice the health of our people or the integrity of my vermouth to sell more “product.” It’s not about “organic” certification, it’s about the spirit of my practices. This is a food, meant to be enjoyed in good conscience because this is what we are worth. I aim to be a hopeful influence and help educate and promote the slow food movement. It is of the utmost importance.

Bianca Miraglia
Founder, Uncouth Vermouth